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Internship Training & Clinical Supervision

Receive Premier Clinical Internship Training and Professional Development


Earn a 2 year Certificate in Integrative Depth Psychology and Psychotherapy®

Our internship program is designed for graduate students or post doctoral interns with a master degree in psychology (or it's equivalent) who are eligible to registered with the California Board of Psychology as a Psychological Assistant (P.A.).

Psychological Assistants at The Jones Psychology Group participate and contribute to a training program that includes weekly professional development and didactics training.  They also get direct one-on-one supervision from their primary supervisors for a minimum of one hour a week.  This varies according to how many patients they have.  PA’s are also encouraged to participate in external continuous learning at minimum on a quarterly basis to have an opportunity to learn about a variety of different topics as well as how to engage with other professionals in the field.  PA’s will also attend any continuing education programs that The Jones Psychology Group hosts for staff, organizations, or professionals in the field.  PA’s at The Jones Psychology Group leave the program fully integrated into the professional community and will be equipped to either join the practice or go on to opening a private practice immediately after completion of their training.

PA’s at The Jones Psychology Group are given excellent supervision by the our Clinical Director and other licensed clinical psychologists on staff.  They meet on a regular basis to go over their cases and consult outside of supervision as needed.  Supervisors are available to the clinicians 100% of the time.  PA’s are conducting face-to-face individual and couple’s therapy.  The PA’s learn how to interact and consult with other psychologists in the program/community and are ready to launch into full practice once training is completed.

The primary supervisor will conduct ongoing feedback sessions during and beyond supervision to address and develop various competencies including professionalism, law and ethics, clinical skills (including assessment, case formulation, diagnosis, and treatment planning), and cultural awareness.  Supervisor will identify supervisee’s strengths and areas of development.

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Pursuing Craft

Your Clinical Training is in Good Hands

"The reward of craftsmanship is an inspired life and practice. This ideal is a clinical philosophy that undergirds our graduate training model and professional development. Here at The Jones Psychology Group, we pursue the promise, practicality, and potential of Integrative Depth Psychology and Psychotherapy"

William James Jones, PhD

Founder - Clinical Director - Clinical Psychologist

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What's in an Image?

Reflections: Not Just a Logo

•The square represents the four pillars of Integrative Depth Psychology, but within the square is a gender-neutral person representing the anima and animus (male and female) parts of a person along with conscious and unconscious pursuit in our clinical work.
•The Black/White image exemplifies racial binary integration, and the circular brain symbolizes a loosely fragmented puzzle and mystery existing in the deepest parts of our psyche.
•The budding floret at the base of the brain represents a thriving mind. This brain region is most associated with the cerebellum, the area vital to motor stability, growth, and connection to our deeper parts. In the end, the floret symbolizes a perpetual life in bloom.

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